All the news presented at the Xbox Games Showcase 2020

And finally it was time for the event Xbox Games Showcase 2020 from Microsoft. Presented by the company as one of the great events of 2020, we have finally been able to see everything it had to offer. If we already knew that Halo: Infinite was going to be, other video games presented have been great surprises.

Halo: Infinite

The Xbox Games Showcase 2020 from Microsoft has had as a highlight a video game that we already knew we would see: Halo Infinite. First, a cinematic trailer was presented, followed by campaign mode gameplay. It will be available in Christmas 2020 for Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

The gameplay takes up to 8 minutes. Mix moments of cinematics and pure gameplay, which not only shows us a preview of what the experience will be like, but also the HUD and other features. We recommend you take a look at the full gameplay, as it is not wasted.

State of Decay 3

Another of the event’s big surprises has been the presentation trailer for State of Decay 3. The zombie survival and management trilogy goes one step further and adds animals as enemies. All this with the power that the Xbox Series X will give it.

Forza Motorsport

Microsoft has taken us from space and zombies to something more earthly: Forza Motorsport, a new installment in the Forza saga that has amazed us with its highly detailed trailer. You can see it below: Short, but intense.

Next we have had a series of very promising video game trailers. Below is the list and its corresponding presentation trailers:

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon

If there was a video game that we didn’t expect to see it was The Outer Worlds, who makes an appearance with Peril on Gorgon, an expansion that will arrive on Xbox One and PC on September 9, 2020.

These are all the news presented at Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase 2020!






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