Huawei 5G crash will negatively impact cloud gaming services

Despite all the 5G marketing and promises of the benefits of new networks, even in major markets deployment is too slow to effectively reach consumers and businesses. The recent announcement of the blockade of Huawei 5G networks in the United Kingdom, at the dictation of the Trump administration, will further delay its implementation with special incidence on new services such as cloud gaming.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put great pressure on broadband networks and has confirmed the need for faster, more reliable and sufficiently capable network technologies. And not only in companies, also in homes where the increase in teleworking, study and entertainment has put them on the ropes and services such as streaming video have had to lower quality in order to maintain transmissions.

The Huawei 5G crash will worsen the situation. Huawei is one of the world’s leading providers of network equipment. And we are not talking about a mobile chip, but about large infrastructures, the basis for the deployment of the new generation of networks. The company’s blockade in the United Kingdom, prohibiting the purchase of new 5G equipment from the Chinese giant and in 2027 eliminating all the equipment already delivered, will delay the deployment of the networks for at least 3 years, according to analysts.

And the situation is going to get complicated yes the European Union It makes a similar decision in the face of enormous pressure coming from the White House, under “national security” arguments, but without any known evidence to support Huawei’s accusations of collusion and espionage with the Chinese government.

Cloud gaming issues

One of the most affected services It will be the new cloud, streaming or digital services that are bringing major changes in distribution models and promise to completely revolutionize the landscape of the video game sector. The launch of Google Stadia has already shown the need for high bandwidth like 5G will offer and performance issues when fast and stable networks are not guaranteed. The arrival of Microsoft’s Project xCloud may suffer the same problem.

New network technologies are necessary and the blocking of Huawei 5G will negatively affect these services and other similar ones that are under development such as Nintendo, although the big N has always marched to the rhythm of its own drum, rejecting the larger trends of the industry in favor of their own unique vision.

Everything indicates that we will have to live with 4G (and 3G in some regions) for many more years.






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