The latest Nintendo Direct Mini raises controversy: is Nintendo doing things right?

The celebration of the Nintendo Direct Mini in July has generated conflicting opinions and has unleashed an important controversy which, of course, makes a lot of sense, and therefore deserves a little analysis.

First of all we are going to be fair, as its name indicates the Nintendo Direct Mini it was a “mini” eventThat is, it was designed to collect some releases that we can not consider as authentic bombings, but that may have considerable interest for some Nintendo Switch users.

With that in mind we can make clear that many of the criticisms that Nintendo has received on networks are unjustified and they are, simply, the fruit of a visceral hatred without any sense, but this does not mean that all can be grouped around that valuation.

If we stop for a moment to take a look at the last major releases (triple A) that Nintendo Switch has received we will realize where the problem really is. The criticism that the Japanese company has received for the Nintendo Direct Mini they have a much more important background than it may seem at first glance, and they start from that triple A game drought that drags the console of the great N.

Nintendo Direct Mini and the problem of pending accounts

The Nintendo console has been on the market since March 2017, that is, for more than three years, and the Japanese company has not yet fully taken advantage of it. the potential of its exclusive franchises. Many players are still waiting for a new Metroid, a successor to Super Mario Odyssey, a new The Legend of Zelda, and other major titles like Bayonetta 3 as well.

That shortage of exclusive triple A games, coupled with little support Nintendo Switch receives by third parties such as Capcom, EA and other top-level developers, it has ended up generating accumulated discomfort among many of the owners of the console, and today, when seeing the announcements of the Nintendo Direct Mini, not all have been able to contain themselves.

At the time of writing this article, the video of the Nintendo Direct Mini published in the Youtube channel of Nintendo Spain accumulates 3,677 “likes” and 8,373 “dislikes”. If we look at Nintendo’s international channel, the figures are 57,996 “I like it” and 50,586 “I don’t like it”. The figures speak for themselves, and I must say that after seeing how bland this event has been, even while being aware of the “mini” tagline, I am clear that the big N has to “put the batteries” to the voice of “now”.

The hybrid console concept has been a success, and Nintendo Switch has become a fantastic console that plays for free and does not compete directly with Xbox One and PS4, but you need first class games, and you are not receiving them. This Nintendo Direct Mini has evidenced it even more, and has once again highlighted that the low power of the console works against it when it comes to receiving support from third parties.

In the video that I leave you at the end you will find all the announcements and news of the Nintendo Direct Mini. Judge for yourselves, and as always remember that you can leave your opinion in the comments.






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