GOG Galaxy 2.0 officially adds games from the Epic Games Store

Originally released last year, and with rapid development, which led to the opening of the public beta late last year, GOG Galaxy 2.0 It continues its efforts to create a unified platform where players can bring together all the games installed on their computers, regardless of where their library is hosted.

And it is that despite the fact that many fans and the CD Project community had already achieved a fairly wide integration, until recently this platform only had the official integration of Xbox Live. However, today the company has taken a great step announcing the addition of the Epic Games Store to your platform.

«We are excited that the Epic Games Store integration has come to GOG Galaxy 2.0“Said Steve Allison, general manager of the Epic Games Store. «It is an important step to tear down the walls between PC storesas it enables a unified experience for gamers to manage their PC game library regardless of where their games were purchased«.

Although other platforms currently allow you to add some foreign titles to your store, thanks to this platform, users will be able to see all their subscriptions in one place and navigate, start or install titles. And is that the recent trend that each developer has its own launcher is starting to provoke some saturation among the players.

In addition, this new integration with Epic Games will also bring other functionalities such as the possibility of viewing our history, the leaderboards or the general description of each game. On the other hand, GOG Galaxy 2.0 Continue working on adding other common features such as the ability to see the online status of our friends on the different gaming platforms, and other tools in greater depth.

What is not clear is whether in the future the platform will also include some type of functionality in order to, in addition to importing our already purchased titles, be able to access the different offers and stores of each platform.

So, now it remains to be seen if, with the new presence of Epic, Valve also decides to move the tab and integrate into GOG Galaxy 2.0. Although without a doubt Steam has always been characterized by its great self-sufficiency, achieved through its still clear position as leader of this market.






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