New bug in Windows 10 2004 reports that “you have no Internet connection”

A group of users has reported a new bug in Windows 10 2004. And it is really curious, since indicates network failure when connection works properly. If this is your case, check your real connection because you can surely access the local network and surf the Internet.

Microsoft has been gaining stability with the changes implemented in the latest Windows 10 updates. Especially by canceling the two major annual updates and choosing to deliver only one plus a Service Pack and delay the deployment of them, which offers more development time and tests. However, the Windows hardware and software ecosystem is so gigantic that it seems impossible not to log new bugs.

The last one that comes to us is a bug in Windows 10 2004 that affects the network connectivity status indicator (NCSI). It is an indicator located in the task bar that reports the status of the network according to the icons displayed, whether they are successful to a Wi-Fi wireless connection or to a wired Ethernet LAN network as in the following image:

When there is a connection failure, either due to limited or no connectivity, NCSI issues various warning icons such as the following:

bug in Windows 10 2004

It is what is happening with this error that Microsoft It has been recognized and is investigating: “NCSI Taskbar Icon May Report” No Internet “Status on Windows 10 2004 Devices That Do Have Access”. Really, you can surf the internet, access the local network and ping Internet resources that according to NCSI would not be working.

This bug in Windows 10 2004 is not related to the Internet connection problem (this one is real) caused by a cumulative update in March that affected the May 2019 Update and November 2019 Update versions. If you come across this bug, check your real connection because it will surely work correctly.

Microsoft is expected to provide a patch to fix it in the near future, as they usually do with the rest of the registered errors. For example, last week he released the patch KB4565503 to solve a critical problem of some teams with Thunderbolt expansion bases, which ended in blue screens of death.

Personally, I have upgraded multiple computers to Windows 10 2004 without encountering any reported problems. The question is the commented one, the vastness of the Windows ecosystem complicates its support. If your machine is destined for production, a reasonable strategy to maintain stability is to postpone updates and limit potential errors in new versions.






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