Microsoft Launcher 6.0: polishing «the Microsoft experience on Android»

Microsoft Launcher is the spearhead of the Microsoft Android experience, but it is also one of the most popular applications in its category on its own, thanks to the work the company has put into it, seasoning it with suggestive features, since it is free and does not have explicit advertising.

The category of Microsoft Launcher, by the way, is the one that its own name indicates: the launchers or alternative ‘desktops’ of Android, among which sneaked almost five years ago, reaping good reviews and millionaire downloads that Microsoft has managed to strengthen by polishing the application with numerous updates.

The last, Microsoft Launcher 6.0, has arrived this weekend at its stable version and is already being distributed among all its users. And the novelties it brings, it should be repeated, focus on improving both the shape and the substance of the launcher.

Microsoft Launcher 6.0

Starting with what you see, Microsoft Launcher 6.0 has improved its dark mode, which is now compatible with Android, thus offering better integration with the system. To accompany is the customizable icon theme of the launcher and the default wallpaper images.

The most outstanding visual, but also usability feature of this new version is the landscape or landscape mode, with which the arrangement of the elements will adapt automatically and optimally when the terminal is used horizontally. And with a wallpaper matching newspaper, if desired.

In terms of functionality, the highlight is the integrated news reader, with personalized news and regular updates throughout the day.

Finally, inside, Microsoft Launcher 6.0 improves its performance in general terms: «now it charges faster, uses less memory, saves more battery and offers fluid animations», says microsoft.

Microsoft Launcher is available at Google Play Store and it is compatible with Android 7.0 and higher, except if you want to use the mentioned dark mode, in which case Android 8.0 or higher is required.






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