Microsoft Edge will allow you to manually enable Internet Explorer compatibility

Not a week goes by without us talking about the new Microsoft Edge, the renewed commitment of the software giant for web browsing in Windows and beyond. Lately, however, the compliments to the good work of the Redmond have been cut short, and that is that bad practices have become noticeable again, tarnishing what until now was being a path full of positive things. Well, we return to the positive side of Microsoft Edge.

Or what is the same, we echo one of the exclusive developments in the Microsoft web browser that aroused more interest when it became known that the company was betting on Chromium to try to recover some of the lost ground: the Internet Explorer compatibility. Too bad despite those of us who are because of the evolution of the Web, the old Explorer is still necessary in certain scenarios and Microsoft took it into account.

Thus, an exclusive feature of Microsoft Edge that no other derivative of Chromium offers, is compatibility with Internet Explorer, a navigation mode focused mainly on companies, but that by popular request seems to end up being available to all users. They count it in Techdows, also indicating how to activate it … But don’t be in a hurry, because this function is only currently in the developing version of the browser.

This means that sooner or later Internet Explorer compatibility will be available to all users, but it will take a while. Meanwhile, we anticipate that this feature will have to be activated manually through the browser preferences; Once this is done and on the page where “Explorer mode” is needed, you will have to use the browser tools to reload it. Nothing of the other world, go.

Compatibility with Internet Explorer is already available in the Canary version of Microsoft Edge, so that its arrival in the stable version of the browser can still take weeks or even months. And how under no circumstances do we recommend using Edge Canary We will wait until they “graduate” to tell you exactly how everything is done. The good news is that the option is on the way for those who need it.

And if compatibility with Internet Explorer contributes to the ultimate end of Internet Explorer, welcome.






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