How to improve the security of your Wi-Fi: recommendations for inexperienced users

The security of your Wi-Fi is essential to enjoy a good user experience. The friends of the alien They may be where you least expect it, and keeping your Internet connection protected is the best way to deal with them.

I know what you are thinking, that it is a complicated subject and that you need to be sufficiently informed to be able to adequately protect your Internet connection. Well no, nothing further from reality, improve the security of your Wi-Fi at a basic level does not require advanced knowledge, and you will not need to go into complicated configuration processes either, and yet it will make a very big difference.

We are aware of the importance of security when we talk about Wi-Fi networks, and therefore we wanted to share with you a series of recommendations directed, mainly, users with less experience. With them you will discover everything you need to improve the security of your connection, and it will help you to prevent friends of others from entering your wireless network.

How to improve the security of your Wi-Fi: be aware of your environment

This first step will help us determine the real risks that our wireless connection may face as a result of Everything that surrounds us.

In case someone has not understood, I explain it with an example: a person who has a Wi-Fi connection does not run the same risk in a flat surrounded by neighbors and with people passing by on the street frequently than the one who lives in a more remote house, with no one nearby.

Being aware of external risks will help you better assess which aspects of your Wi-Fi security you should improve. In the first example it would be advisable disable the SSID or change the name of our Wi-Fi network, and also change the default password, while in the second example it would be enough to change the password.

Why should you disable SSID?

It is a measure that acts as an important brake against intruders, since it means that our Wi-Fi network will stop appearing publiclyThat is, when someone searches for available Wi-Fi networks, ours will not appear, even if it is within their reach.

What has been said has an important consequence, and that is that if someone wants to connect to our Wi-Fi network, they will have to know the name of it, and enter it manuallyThat is why it is so useful, and it is also very easy to use. We just have to enter in our web browser, access the interface of our router with the password and the corresponding username and enter the WLAN section. We look for the corresponding option (it may appear as “Broadcast SSID”) and disable it.

Changing the name can also help us improve security, since we will not give clues to possible intruders from the router we use or from who is our Internet provider.

Changing the password: the easiest and most effective measure

It is the best way to improve the security of your Wi-Fi in seconds, and without effort. The passwords that many routers bring are in large databases It is part of the darkest corners of the Internet, and is used in brute force attacks.

If you don’t change your router’s password, you may end up being the victim of one of these attacks. Also remember that you must use a password that is really secure. If you wonder what a safe password is, I explain it to you:

  • It must contain at least 12 characters.
  • You have to use upper and lower case.
  • It must have at least one pair of numbers and a special character (*, for example).

I leave you an example of a secure password: «P3atagoniA Perro1 + picO *». You can change it by entering the interface of your router, as we have explained, within the WLAN section.

Don’t give your password to everyone

Giving the Wi-Fi password to visitors has become a gesture of hospitality, but when we share it with people who are not really trustworthy, we can end up having problems, since they can share that password with other people.

A friend had a major problem as a result of that hospitality, and found that a group of young people stood near his house to connect to his Wi-F networki with their smartphones. He changed the password and that’s it, but he had problems for days until he found the origin of them.

Avoid giving the password to people who are not totally trustworthy, it is a very simple but very effective way of maintaining the security of your Wi-Fi. If you receive many visits and you have no choice but to share your Wi-Fi, don’t worry, you can create a guest network effortless. In this article you will find all the information you need.






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