Halo 3: observe Master Chief in the third person

It seems like yesterday when we started talking about the hypothetical arrival of Halo 3 on PC, right? That’s not to forget the denials that took place at that time. Fortunately, time has proved common sense (although for this it has been removed from its developer, yes) and after a long but excited wait, for a few days now we can remember everything we lived at the time, back in 2007, when the game was released exclusively ( of course, of course) for Microsoft Xbox.

Since last Monday, Halo 3 is part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection pack, which you can find on steam. In addition, those who have previously purchased the pack, can extend it with Halo 3 for 9.99 euros. Curiously, what is not allowed is the acquisition of the game independently, if you want to play it on PC you have to necessarily buy the full pack. It is a model that, honestly, I cannot understand and that, even if they explain it to me, it will not cease to seem somewhat peculiar to me.

In any case, one of the many consequences of the arrival of Halo 3 on PC is that, as with practically any game on this platform, the modders they haven’t waited a second to start dissecting it, in order to find hidden functions, possible hacks, interesting modifications, etc. Let’s not forget that, with the necessary knowledge and dedication, a game can be turned into something totally different from what it was originally.

Among what the modder scene has achieved in recent days, the mod created by Parapara is particularly striking. a mod for Halo 3 that allows you to play its campaign mode in third person mode. This mod supports solo and cooperative modes. However, of course, each user must have the mod installed, otherwise it will not be possible to play in cooperative mode.

It may seem like a minor change, but just like with driving simulators, virtually everyone has a clear preference for a certain type of view. In shooters, there are those who opt clearly for the first person (such is my case), while others prefer the third. It is striking, actually, that the developers themselves do not take this into account and allow the player to select one or the other mode. More when it happens as in this case, since Halo 3 has the full 3D model of Master Chief, including all his actions and movements. Simply change the position of the camera.

And this would make more sense because, of course, as with many other mods, this Halo 3 mod is incompatible with the game’s anti-cheat technology, which is why, as indicate in Dsog. It will be essential to deactivate it in order to see the Master Chief move. You can download the mod from this page.







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