A thousand months of Netflix free for breaking the record in this game

On the occasion of the launch of The old guard Last week, Netflix launched a curious challenge, whose prize for the winner is crazy: Netflix free for life… More or less: a thousand months, or what is the same 83 years. And since you have to have a minimum of experience skill if you want to try it, it suits you more than forever.

In essence, the challenge is as follows: you enter the game page, create an account or register with your Facebook account and click on play… And the game begins, which is nothing more than a kill-kill from a zenith view in which enemies appear to beat ad infinitum to achieve the highest possible score. AND the one who sets the record … Netflix free.

Although it will not be easy, that’s for sure: as in The old guard, the handled character is immortal, but the attacks he receives slow down both his movement and the score achieved. And worse yet: there is only one chance per player; nothing to be crushing the game all night.

But do not get excited, because as much as you are attracted to the idea of ​​enjoying Netflix for free until you pat it and no matter how good you are clicking the button, you have no chance unless you reside in the United States, the country to which this initiative is reduced and which, on the other hand, will end tomorrow. Two days is the margin of time they have given and with fair promotion, by the way.

Of course, there are already those who have been recorded playing.


The news, therefore, gives us the opportunity to comment on two things that have nothing to do with taking Netflix for free, although that is the hook: the first, the success it is having The old guard, the action movie starring Charlize Theron that the platform released last week and that we did not highlight because the competition was strong, but that seems to be working very well.

In fact, a couple of days ago the most popular Netflix movies were revealed and it was not even listed, but with more than 72 million views – counted in the Netflix way in which it is not even necessary to end the viewing – He is already in sixth position, unseating the very same the Irish.

The second thing worth commenting on is that of Netflix for free… forever? It is worth that the prize has limits, but 83 years is an incomparable ‘offer’. However, the mere mention of such a period of time is somewhat absent. Netflix is ​​just over 20 years old and the transformation it has undergone as a company is radical. But foreseeing that a company dedicated to Netflix will last 83 years …

It remains to be seen if it lasts a decade, as things stand.







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