Xiaomi Mi Mix 2020 with cameras on the side, a pretty crazy conceptual design

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2020 is still a mystery. The Chinese company launched last year the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, a smartphone that was committed to a very curious design which, however, not everyone liked it. The front cameras, as well as other important elements (sensors, call loudspeaker, etc.), were integrated into a sliding section that was hidden when closed.

Personally I must say that I include myself among those who did not like that design, although at the same time I recognize the value of Xiaomi by try to innovate in a sector as complicated as the smartphone market. And speaking of innovating, the conceptual renders of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2020 that have just come to light point in that direction.

Before going to see them, I want to make it clear that they do not come from an official source, which means that they have no official validity, but it is not just any design made by a fan of the Chinese company. According to the source of the news These renders of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2020 were found in several Alibaba Russian website mailers, which means that they have a certain credibility.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2020: a side notch attached to a smartphone

I think there is no better way to define what we see in the images. Although the quality of the renders is not as good as one might wish, we can clearly see in the images that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2020 has an all-screen finish and minimal edges, and that the front cameras they have been moved to a lateral space.

In that space on the right there are both the cameras and the buttons, and the integration is not, in general, as bad as one might think, although personally I don’t like anything. I prefer a small top notch that integrates the camera over this set of black borders with a side space that enlarges the size of the terminal.

Xiaomi has used the Mi Mix series as the main means of innovation within the smartphone sector, in fact the original model was one of the great drivers of the all-screen finish, but these renders of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2020 are a step back, and I hope it is not fulfilled.

I remind you, before finishing, that some previous rumors have indicated that the Chinese company could launch the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2020 with a front camera built into the screen, a much more interesting approach, and also much more complicated, than the one shown by these renders. Mounting the camera under the screen can reduce the quality of photos and videos, but the Chinese company may already have the necessary technology in its hands to overcome that problem.







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