Xbox Live Gold could soon be a thing of the past, what is Microsoft preparing?

For years Xbox Live Gold It has been one of the central pillars of the Microsoft service ecosystem. I was lucky to enjoy it on the original Xbox, and also on Xbox 360, and I must say that the Redmond company knew how to differentiate itself by offering a quality online that, at that time, was a rarity on consoles.

Time passes, and things change, and it seems that Microsoft has something big on hand to accompany the launch of Xbox Series X, since the firm directed by Satya Nadella has stopped selling subscriptions for a year to Xbox Live Gold. It is still possible to buy one month and three month subscriptions, but the annual one has said goodbye.

As expected, this has generated great expectation, since it is an unexpected movement that has not been accompanied by an official explanation by Microsoft, although we have a pretty realistic idea of what may be happening.

Before entering the subject, I remind you that it is Microsoft that has stopped offering these annual subscriptions. In some retailers it is still possible to find available annual subscription codes, but there will be no replenishment.

Xbox Live Gold, Project xCloud and Xbox Ultimate Game Pass will shape a single service

Yes, you read correctly, the disappearance of Xbox Live Gold is, almost certainly, a natural movement by Microsoft, which is deeply linked to the company’s new services.

Xbox Live Gold subscriptions launch with Xbox Ultimate Game Pass they plummeted, and it’s normal, since the first one offers a more interesting value by including, in addition to the Xbox Live Gold’s own services, access to all the games available through the Game Pass.

Well, everything seems to indicate that Microsoft is going to integrate Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Ultimate Game Pass and Project xCloud (cloud gaming service) in a single service, and with a single fee. The idea is quite interesting, and it can work very well if the price is reasonable, of that I have no doubt.

On the other hand, if this significant price increase that we have seen is confirmed associated with new generation games, and that could be around 70 to 80 euros, the value of this type of services, which allow you to enjoy a certain number of games for a small monthly fee, will end up being much higher.






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