Twitter hack: 130 accounts were compromised

Little by little, more information about the Twitter hack that we talked about yesterday appeared. And I must admit that, contrary to what I expected yesterday, those responsible for the social network do have chosen to make public the number of accounts affected based on their research, and how can we read in this tweet around 130 victims. A number that in the first instance may not seem very high, but it must be remembered that it refers to especially popular accounts, and in which, as we could see the day before yesterday, many users have blind confidence.

According to that same thread, a few messages later, the company continues to work with users whose few have been affected by the Twitter hack, in order to ensure that they can safely reuse them. For the moment the message history download feature has been disabled for those people (in a sign that they are not entirely sure that attackers no longer have access to them) and claims to be investigating whether the data, both public and private, of those accounts have been exfiltrated.

Regarding the measures adopted, as well as those considered to adopt the social network in the future, in one of the last messages (so far) of the thread rather “aggressive” measures are claimed to have been taken, which surely means that after the Twitter hack, strict limitations, security controls and surely a more strict policy of logs to the activities carried out by the workers with the functions and tools of service administration will have been established. They talk about securing their systems, but since everything points to the security problem being “inside”, it is logical to think that the measures go in that direction.

Let’s remember that the Twitter hack involved taking control of approximately 130 extremely popular accounts (Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Joe Biden, as well as companies like Apple and Uber) and use them to deceive their followers. In the published messages it was stated that all those who sent bitcoins to a certain purse, would get, in return, the same amount multiplied by two. It is estimated that there was at least 365 victims, and that the amount obtained by cybercriminals was around $ 120,000.

At this point, however, I insist on what I said yesterday, it is possible that the volume of victims was higher, but that part of them never get to make it public because of the shame of having fallen into something that, seen now, yes that seemed suspicious from the first moment. And it is always an excellent time to remember that, if we talk about the internet, we can never trust something (or someone) 100%. The critical spirit is, to the network of networks, what the umbrella to the rainy days, and the Twitter hack is another sad reminder of that.







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