The Coalition promises that Gears 5 will improve a lot with its version of Xbox Series X

Gears 5 is the latest and most ambitious video game in the Gears of War saga. That without counting Gears Tactics, a video game of the Gears of War family that moves away from frenetism and bets on strategy. The Coalition, developers of Gears 5, have confirmed that the title will improve so much on Xbox Series X that it could well seem like a remaster. We are talking about such a remarkable improvement that there will be up to 50% more particles than in the current Ultra PC configuration, for example.

Gears 5: Optimized for Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is going to allow us to enjoy all the adventures we have experienced on Xbox One … But on another level. We can once again marvel at all those scenarios that conquered our hearts. Specifically, Gears 5 was a video game that brought us into PureGaming (You can read our analysis) and you will benefit from all the advantages of the new generation console. The Xbox Series X CPU and GPU would allow The Coalition things that were previously not possible on console. 12 TFLOPS on the CPU, Xbox Velocity and 8 cores of 3.8 GHz on the CPU would be to blame for this new power.

All this means that Gears 5 will run at 4K and 60 FPS, whether during cinematics or gameplay. In addition, the particles on the screen will be improved: There will be 50% more on Xbox Series X than we can currently see in the Ultra PC version.

Lighting will be another aspect that benefits. The version Unreal Engine 4.24 It will be in charge of offering us a better lit Gears 5, with extremely detailed shadows and much more realistic. Of course, The Coalition doesn’t forget the player: 120 FPS will be possible.

All this will be possible thanks to the system Smart Delivery, which places the label on many current video games of Optimized for Xbox Series X. What does this mean? That special patches will be released with a huge number of improvements. So much so that many video games can seem like remasters, as The Coalition promises with Gears 5. We look forward to seeing those promises kept!






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