Netflix continues to grow and unveils its 10 most popular movies

Netflix has presented its financial report for the second quarter of 2020 and it can be said that things are not bad for them: the number of new subscribers has far exceeded the forecasts of the company itself – considered by analysts to be very low, It should be noted- and in the six months that we have this year, they have received almost as many new subscribers as throughout 2019.

In total, Netflix has managed to attract more than 28 million new customers in the first half of 2020, of which 10 million have been added in the last quarter. The main reason for traction, they recognize, has been due to the global pandemic situation that we have experienced this year and to the confinements that have been applied in many areas of the world and that have so much favored the growth of online consumption.

Official statements from the company point, however, that “growth is slowing as consumers recover from the shock COVID-19 and social restrictions ”. Despite this, the video-on-demand platform continues to lead a sector that is loosely leading, with more than 193 million users in the 190 countries in which it operates.

This Netflix ad brings another collateral, and is that until now responsible for content of the service, Ted Sarandos, happens to occupy the position of co-CEO along with Reed Hastings, co-founder of Netflix. In other words, Sarandos is rewarded for the growth of the company, which is as logical as it is scary, because… what is the reason for Netflix’s growth? His varied and exquisite selection of content or the inertia of the leader?

We recently reflected on the issue around the question of whether Netflix will withstand the push of competition, since it has important challenges to face: it is the most expensive service on the market and although due to the quantity and diversity of original content, it is the Number one, the quality of what it offers is constantly being surpassed by what others launch. And that’s not even his biggest problem.

However, Netflix is ​​calm in this regard: “Instead of worrying about all these competitors, we will continue with our strategy of trying to improve our service and our content every quarter faster than our colleagues,” explains the company spokesperson. It will be necessary to see from a year on if they continue with the same position or something has changed.

Top 10 most popular movies on Netflix

In another order of things, Netflix has taken advantage of the time to make something he doesn’t usually do: Unveil a list of the platform’s ten most popular original movies. And there are surprises, although in principle it is not clear if they are for better or for worse.

For example, the title that leads the list is quite recent, entertaining but mediocre -as the criticism describes it- at least in comparison with other productions of the company; There is no sign of author bets that were given as much hype as for example Rome Alfonso Cuarón, although Scorsese endures the type; no trace of assumptions either blockbuster like the infamous Birght Will Smith; and a Spanish woman who is not an original production of Netflix, but who was arranged by check, sneaks in.

We leave you with the list for you to judge for yourself. These are Top 10 Most Popular Original Movies in Netflix History:

  • Tyler Rake (99 million viewers)
  • Blindly (89 million viewers)
  • Spenser: Confidential (85 million viewers)
  • 6 in the shade (83 million viewers)
  • Criminals at sea (73 million viewers)
  • the Irish (64 million viewers)
  • Triple border (63 million viewers)
  • The other Missy (59 million viewers)
  • The hole (56 million viewers)
  • The perfect date (48 million viewers)

In case you are interested, this was the most viewed Netfix in Spain in 2019. And remember: do not miss anything they get with our weekly section VOD news.






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