Microsoft Flight Simulator on 10 DVDs, a nod to the floppy disk era

The launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator is scheduled for August 18. We already know its minimum, recommended and optimal requirements, and we are also clear about the content of its different editions in digital format, but the Redmond giant has decided to surprise us with a physical edition which will come with a whopping 10 DVDs.

I know what you are thinking, that the company could have used Blu-ray discs to reduce the number of optical drives needed, and yes, it is true, but I think that with this edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Redmond giant has wanted to launch a nod to the era of games on multiple floppy disks, with the particularity that, this time, We will not measure in megabytes, but we will measure in gigabytes.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will need 150 GB of free space, a huge number that alone confirms why we still need HDD drives. That enormous amount of space helps us understand that Microsoft had to use ten DVDs, but it is also perfectly justified, since this game will feature realistic recreations of numerous airports and aircraft, and will use very high-quality texturing to achieve a finish. fantastic graphic.

The ten double-layer DVDs that shape this edition contain around 90 GB of data, which means that those with a slow internet connection they will not have to go through the ordeal of having to download that enormous amount of data. The process of removing and inserting DVDs is not very comfortable either, but it can certainly be completed in much less time than a download of that size with a very slow connection.

Microsoft has confirmed that the physical edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available. in the same versions as the digital editionl, and the price of each of them will be identical, at least in principle. The physical edition will include, in addition to those 10 DVDs, a very complete manual and a box with a very careful design.

Microsoft Flight Simulator on 10 DVDs: a record?

It is not the first time that a game uses multiple storage units, in fact this practice has been with us for several decades. For example, DOOM II it was marketed on five floppy disks, and Monkey Island II it came on 11 floppy disks.

If we jump to the CD we find games like Phantasmagoria or X-Files (X-File), which came on 7 CDs and 9 CDs, respectively, but if we just talk about used storage units, and not capacity, I think the record holds Beneath to Steel Sky, a cyberpunk adventure from 1994 that used 15 floppy disks. If we go to Japan the winner is Kakyuusei, who came in 17 floppy disks.

Although it is true that the digital format has been gaining ground and that Internet connections are getting better the physical format still has its place And it plays, as we have said, a very important role, especially when we talk about very heavy games that, as with Microsoft Flight Simulator, it would be a real nightmare to download with a slow Internet connection.

On the other hand, it should also be borne in mind that games in physical format continue to have great value as collectibles, a reality that will not change, although the current trend ends up leading us to a partial disappearance of this format.






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