Xiaomi Mi Band 5 leaves China and reaches the rest of the world

Xiaomi has just held an event in which it has presented in the international market the expected Xiaomi Mi Band 5, called Mi Smart Band 5, one of the reference quantifier bracelets on the market and that, version by version, is gaining new followers. And it is perfectly understandable, since each new version of it brings new features to a device that, for price and benefits, has been a highly recommended purchase for some years now.

The first thing to clarify about the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is that there are few surprises, as we remember that It was already presented and put up for sale by Xiaomi in the Chinese market a month ago, at which point we already told you about its main novelties. However, there were still some points pending confirmation, such as its price in Europe or if, on the date of its sale in our country, the Chinese technology company would have reached an agreement with Spanish banks to use it as a means of payment, taking advantage of its NFC connectivity.

And here comes the first point that has caught our attention, since unlike the version marketed in China, the international version of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 does not have NFC connectivity. In the absence of an official reason for this, it may be thought that it has to do with the processes to achieve the necessary approvals for each country. I would not be surprised at all if this was the main reason and, if so, it would not be until version 6 (or maybe even version 7, given the problems that Chinese technology companies are having in some western countries) to have this type of connectivity on the bracelet.

The other big question we asked ourselves since its launch in China, where it is sold for 189 yuan (about 23 euros) was what price will the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 have in Spain. And this doubt has also been cleared: its sale price will be 39.99 euros, although on the 20th you can make a pre-purchase of the same in which we will save five euros, since it will be offered for 34.99 euros. And why on July 20? Because only 3 days later, on the 23rd, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will officially go on sale.

In a review of its main novelties, we find a 1.1-inch AMOLED curved screen, that is, 20% larger than the screen of its predecessor. Actually, if we talk about design, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 hardly differs from the previous version. And personally it seems to me a success, since the design of the Mi Band 4 was already quite adequate for me.

Another important improvement is the one related to biometric sensors. It is evident that some of the main uses of quantifying bracelets like Mi Band 5 are those related to sports and health. A major upgrade to its PPG sensor (50% more accurate than its predecessor, according to the manufacturer), as well as multiple software enhancements, allow it to now be able to detect up to 11 different sports (elliptical machine, yoga, rowing machine, exercise bike, jump rope, treadmill, running, bicycle, swimming, walking and free training). This is almost double what Mi Band 4 could measure, which quantified six sports activities.

Likewise, new functions have been incorporated into Xiaomi Mi Band such as a stress meter, which in case of reaching certain levels offers the user to perform some breathing exercises to attenuate it, a sleep monitor to measure both the hours and the quality of the yourself or menstrual cycle control tools.

One aspect that I find very interesting is that the customization of the device has improved considerably thanks to the new options of themes and custom function modules. And I say this because, every day more, bracelets like Xiaomi Mi Band 5 they are a practical and economical alternative to smartwatches. And yes, it is true that they do not have as many functions, but it is no less true that the enormous economic difference makes it to think about it. In my case, it’s been a little over a year since I returned to the watch “of a lifetime” and I will surely buy a quantification bracelet as a complement.

Another notable innovation has to do with charging and battery. Regarding the first point, Xiaomi has made a great leap to induction charging. This no longer requires removing the display to connect the charger. It will be enough to put the charger on the back of the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 so that, thanks to its magnetic charge, both elements are coupled and the charge occurs. And speaking of charge, its battery has also been improved. According to the manufacturer, now supports up to 14 days of normal use without charging.

As we already indicated at the beginning, The sale date of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is July 23 and its price will be 39.99 euros (although it can be pre-purchased on the 20th for 34.99 euros). Are you planning to buy it? Maybe you have already bought the Chinese model (with NFC)? Do you use any previous model? Do you prefer smart watches?

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