Xbox One and Xbox One X begin to say goodbye: Microsoft has stopped restocking

Microsoft has started to lay off Xbox One and Xbox One X, two consoles that are part of the current generation and that certainly have their days numbered. Later this year The Redmond company will launch Xbox Series X, a new generation console will mark an important leap at a technical level, and which will be accompanied, according to multiple reliable information, by Xbox Series S, a cheaper version and less powerful.

As our regular readers will know, both generations will coexist for a timeIn other words, when the new generation consoles arrive, there will be no direct abandonment of Xbox One and Xbox One X. Both consoles will continue to receive new games, a situation that will continue for a period of between one and two years. Once that time frame is fulfilled, those two consoles will go “to a better life.”

Despite the fact that Xbox One and Xbox One X still have a fairly reasonable life cycle ahead, Microsoft is already taking steps to clean up stock on both consoles. In the United States they are already exhausted, and some Australian retailers have been completely removed from their databases, as they do not expect a restocking by the Redmond company. For its part, some retailers in the United Kingdom still sell them, and in Spain when trying to buy an Xbox One X through the official Microsoft website, it redirects us to the United States website, where it appears exhausted.

If we seek at other retailers like Amazon for example, we can easily find Xbox One and Xbox One X units, and at relatively reasonable prices, but it is clear that the company headed by Satya Nadella has already begun to accelerate the transition to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and that in the next months the stock will be depleted until the moment in which it is no longer possible to buy both consoles. Prices will obviously go up, Due to the speculation from some sellers.

What does the premature goodbye of Xbox One and Xbox One X tell us?

Well, two interesting things. First of all I think reinforces the information that points to the launch of an Xbox Series S. This console will occupy the strip of 300 euros, that is, it would be between Xbox One and Xbox One X, but it would be more powerful than both. Microsoft would have to adjust the price of both a lot so that its new console fits properly in the market, something that, in the end, could not come out at all profitable.

On the other hand, this also tells us that Microsoft wants to turn the page as soon as possible, and that it plans to opt for a kind of “all or nothing” with its next-gen consoles, and who wants to keep the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X the only options available to accelerate the transition to the next generation. The truth is that it is a successful move, especially if the launch of Xbox Series S is confirmed.

Taking into account that said console, Xbox Series S, will cost just a little more than Xbox One and it will be more powerful than Xbox One X it is clear that both directly stop making sense, except that Microsoft sells them for a average price of 100 and 200 eurosrespectively something I think that nothing profitable would come out.

With the situation we are currently in, I think that not a good time to buy a console. The new generation is just around the corner, so unless you have no other option I recommend waiting, even if you are going to buy a PS4, since it is very likely that we will see significant price movements in the coming months.







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