Google presents the new Gmail: everything for productivity

There is a new Gmail in sight and unlike the latest updates that Google’s email service has received, this will be very noticeable … if you want and use other services Google with Gmail as the nerve center. If not, it neither goes nor comes to you.

In summary, the new Gmail It is positioned as a control center for Google’s main productivity tools, unifying everything in one place to avoid the hassle of jumping from application to application. The new Gmail will improve integration with Google Meet and Google Tasks and add integration with Google Chat, which in turn integrates with Google Drive and Google Docs. How do you stay

According the company explainsIn these times of pandemic, they have realized the importance of being able to offer a communications and productivity solution for work teams It works in a cohesive way, it is efficient and it makes life easier. And although for the ordinary user it is no longer, for the professional user, email remains one of the fundamental pillars in day-to-day life.

And if we add to this that Gmail is one of the jewels in Google’s crown, why not start there? Or, better yet: why not start and end there? Said and done: because the new Gmail is not based solely on the integration of different Google services, but it will also with well-known third-party services, such as Trello, Salesforce or DocuSign.

A look at the new Gmail

First of all, don’t worry: this «new Gmail» will take effect first for G Suite users, the Google solution for companies. Later all the changes will arrive to the normal users, as it usually happens with every novelty that is released in Gmail; but it is not known when. And, in any case, it will depend on the level of use that you give to the Google software so that you are interested in what is coming, or not.

Namely: Gmail was already integrated with Google Calendar and Tasks, and even with Google Keep through the side panel. Also with services like Hangouts (which is being replaced by Chat and Meet) and, more recently, Google Meet. In other words, Gmail already offered integration with calendar, tasks, messaging and videoconferencing. Thus, the great news that Gmail receives is the Chat integration, which can be described at a stroke as Google’s Slack.

As mentioned, Google Chat is integrated with Google Drive and Google Docs. All that and a redesign according to the new approach, is what the new Gmail will bring, both for the web version of the service and for mobile applications. And as so many words can be misleading you, here is the official presentation video, where you can see what several of the upcoming news will consist of.

How can you improve your productivity with the new Gmail, you wonder? At Google they give «some examples: you can quickly join a video call from a chat, forward a chat message to your inbox, create a task from a chat message: everything connects in a way that makes it easier for you to manage your flow of your work and do more ».

So it all depends, it should be repeated, on the use you make ofGoogle’s productivity app ecosystem beyond Gmail, whether you use it professionally or as a home user. However, there is no doubt that with this change, Google makes its proposal more attractive to all kinds of audiences. At the end of the day, they are tools that can add value to everyone.

When the new Gmail will reach all Google users is not clear, but it is intuited that it will be more profound than what is seen at first glance: the capabilities of the search engine will increase and will also include chat, Chat and Meet will incorporate new security features for administrators and to know what else. We will have to put our hands on it to check everything that this update contains.







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