Drift presents its new DR250, DR500 and DR550 gaming chairs

Drift has announced the launch of three new ergonomic models of gaming chairs, whose names are DR250, DR500 and DR550. These new models have been designed to offer the highest performance, the last two models incorporating an innovative balancing system, a solid FOAM-filled structure, extra soft polyurethane covers, with 4D armrests, class 4 gas piston structure, Star-shaped metal base and nylon wheels. Everything designed for maximum comfort. We tell you all about these new chairs!

Drift model DR250

The striking DR250 It has a tilting seat that will help you always maintain the correct posture. Thanks to its adjustable height and smooth backrest, which can be reclined up to 135 degrees, our comfort will be almost guaranteed. It also includes two cushions: one for the lower back and one for the cervical area.

This model, which presents a careful gaming aesthetic and is available in four colors blue, red, green and black, the latter with carbon fiber details.

Drift model DR500

To the 4D armrests and the adjustable height of the DR250 model, the DR500 adds an innovative dynamic balancing system that helps the body’s weight to be distributed better, providing greater comfort, displacing the center of gravity naturally.

This ergonomic gaming chair also has a reclining backrest that reaches 135 degrees, providing the best back support in any playing or working posture. The DR500 also comes equipped with two cushions, one cervical and one lumbar, to offer that extra support. This Available in blue, red, green and black colors.

Drift model DR550

The model DR550 It is perfect both as a gaming chair and as an office chair, thanks to its elegant finish and its innovative ergonomic double rocking mechanism. Its adjustable height and its smooth back without holes, reclining up to 135 degrees, also favor a comfortable posture, as well as the two cushions that multiply comfort, designed to protect the most delicate parts of the back and neck.

This premium model is available in two classic colors: leather brown and black.

The three new models of Drift, DR250, DR500 and DR550 will be available at the end of July at a price of € 219.90, € 249.90 and € 249.90 respectively.






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