Razer unveils its new Razer Huntsman Mini keyboard

Razer has announced its new optical keyboard Razer Huntsman Mini. This ultra-compact keyboard is the latest addition to the Huntsman keyboard range, known for its industry-leading optical switches and superior to traditional mechanical switches, both in speed and response times. The Huntsman Mini has been introduced in black and white, Mercury White, in both purple tactile optical switches as well as the newer and better red linear optical switches.

Razer Huntsman Mini

The new Huntsman Mini keyboard responds to gamers’ demand for a compact keyboard for high-performance gaming. This includes professional video game players like Fortnite, for example. Its ultra-compact shape adapts perfectly to the small spaces that occur in tournaments. It has the 60% the size of a full-size keyboard and keep all the essential keys to play.

Functions that are normally assigned to dedicated keys on a full-size keyboard are still present as secondary functions, printed on the inner side of the keys. You can even assign more functions or macros to any key through Razer Hypershift within the Razer Synapse 3 app. This minimalist design gives you more room to move your mouse when fast, wide movements are required.

The Huntsman Mini is small, but it is ready to withstand great performance, outperforming most traditional mechanical switches. The Razer development team continues its philosophy of contact with the community, as it did with the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition. Through multiple stages of testing and feedback, this Razer Huntsman Mini was developed.

Finally, Razer hasn’t forgotten RGB. The Razer Huntsman Mini features multi-color lighting thanks to Razer Chroma RGB technology. Players can swap out lighting effects thanks to profiles that can be saved in internal hybrid memory.

In summary, about the Razer Huntsman Mini:

  • Razer optical switches with touch or linear options.
  • 100 million keystroke life cycle.
  • Razer Doubleshot PBT keys.
  • Standard bottom row design.
  • Aluminum structure.
  • Compact 60% format design.
  • Removable braided fiber USB-C cable.
  • Hybrid internal memory up to 5 profiles.
  • Immediate lighting adjustments.
  • Individually backlit keys with Razer Chroma RGB, up to 16.8 million color options available.
  • Adjustments and customization using Razer Synapse 3.

Razer Huntsman Mini with Optical Touch Switch is now available for € 129.99. On the other hand, the version with linear optical switch will arrive in August 2020 at a price of € 139.99.






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