HP SSD S750, a good performance SATA model

Solid state drives continue to escalate to completely monopolize the storage market, and not a week goes by that we don’t have a new model to offer you. The latest comes from the computer giant. It is not a storage specialist, but it also has its own catalog for consumption and companies, and in SATA and PCIe models.

HP SSD S750 is intended for the end customer and it is a unit that is offered in a standard 2.5-inch format and under the SATA-III (6 Gbps) interface. It combines a SMI controller with 96-layer 3D NAND flash memory from a manufacturer not mentioned.

Its performance is at the limit of what the SATA interface can offer, with sequential data transfers of up to 560 MB / s read and up to 520 Mbytes per second write. In random performance we see up to 90,000 / 89,000 IOPS reads / writes.

HP SSD S750 will be released in three versions based on storage capacity, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 Tbyte. The resistance of all three variants is rated at 160TBW, 320TBW, and 650Tbytes of guaranteed writes. The company has not provided prices, but they must be cheap given how the internal storage market is and previous versions of the manufacturer such as the SSD 700.


A competent unit, with a good degree of resistance and with a performance that is already at the maximum of the interface it uses. It can be used both on new computers and to upgrade hard drives on desktops or laptops. Users who want more and as long as they have equipment that supports it, will have to jump to NVMe drives that use the much faster PCIe interface.







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