Google Play Pass arrives in Spain: subscription to Android apps and games

Google Play Pass It is the subscription service for Android apps and games that the Internet giant announced at the end of last year, and which until now was only available in the United States. But it has already arrived in Spain, for those who are interested in enjoying a free but limited bar of downloads for the mobile operating system.

In essence, Google Play Pass offers «access to more than 350 apps and games that are fully unlocked, free of ads, in-app purchases and prepayments«, As it was explained then; “A curated collection of high-quality titles” that would grow over time, adding new games and applications every month.

The number of contents that Google Play Pass offers at the moment is, therefore, substantially greater and would be around 500 games and applications, among which titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Stardew Valley LIMBO, This War of Mine, Teslagrad and a long etcetera in which applications such as Photo Studio Pro are also included, point from the official blog of Google Spain.

As for the price, key data in the offer of Google Play Pass, the subscription leaves by 4.99 euros a month or 29.99 euros a year, with a one-month trial and with the possibility of sharing the subscription with the Google family account, which can be joined by up to five members (six people in total), each keeping their download lists and individual options.

How to distinguish those games and applications available under Google Play Pass? They will be marked with a specific icon. On the other hand, service subscribers will see appear a new tab on Google Play where all the contents are collected. Access to the Google Play Pass subscription is also found in the store menu or in the same page.







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