Chrome 84 arrives with privacy, usability and more enhancements

Chrome 84 It is the new version of Google’s web browser, an update that was announced yesterday and that will be distributed to all users of the application over the next few days and weeks, although it is very possible that you already have it waiting, or even that you have already installed it. What brings again?

Like its previous version, Chrome 84 is a ‘post-Covid’ update, which means that it continues to implement many of the things that the browser should already have. Similarly, Chrome 84 will extend its news by sections, in different incremental updates under the same version number.

What’s new in Chrome 84

Due to the delay and the betas that came before, Chrome 84 is a release that almost everything was known in advance: for example, the application of the new cookies safe Chrome, whose goal limit the use of cookies in a third party context, a privacy improvement that they had to pause because of the pandemic, but that is already back.

Chrome 84 also introduces the blocking intrusive notifications, those that launch the websites to subscribe and that in most cases are ignored by the user. Well, the inconvenience is over, because Chrome adopts the same Firefox policy in this regard. Whoever wants web notifications, accept them manually when entering a page.

You will have to click on the icon to see and allow web notifications

Another innovation that brings Chrome 84 that we had already realized is the support for shortcuts in progressive web applications, that from now on they will be able to offer more options than the standard ones, provided that those responsible for the sites are kind enough to take advantage of this possibility, which does not have to be the case, or should not be noticed soon.

Chrome 84

New Chrome 84 PWA Shortcuts… on Edge

Among the optimizations of Chrome 84 the most prominent refers to the improved memory saving mode in background tabs, although not all browser users will receive it. After the SegmentHeap controversy, things are slowing down.

Plus changes in Chrome 84 they include a new permission that the user must expressly accept when changing the default search engine or new tab page; the start of support OTP web that automates the double authentication by SMS; or specification support Lock API that websites can use to prevent the device screen from locking due to inactivity.

In summary, Chrome 84 arrives with interesting news to celebrate the 70% market share that, as the world’s most popular web browser, scored this month.






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