We already know the weight that PlayStation 5 will have: Large, but not so heavy

The presentation of the design of Playstation 5 he made himself beg, but he finally arrived during the event dedicated to console video games. Before finishing, the design of the console and the two existing versions were shown: Normal and digital version, without disk reader. The size of the console has been one of the most recurring themes in social networks. Now we know its weight … And it does not go entirely according to what was expected due to its size.

PlayStation 5: Big, but not so heavy

Amazon has revealed what will be the weight of PlayStation 5, Sony’s next-generation console. Many people pointed out that their size could give clues as to its weight. Since it is one of the largest consoles from Sony and Microsoft, a high weight was expected. Nothing is further from reality. The list of features on Amazon has revealed that PlayStation 5 will weigh around 5 Kilos, specifically 4.78 Kg. It weighs, but it is not the heaviest.

PlayStation 3 was lovingly nicknamed as fat due to its 5 Kg of weight. To this day it continues to maintain the title of the heaviest console in history. On the opposite side we have PlayStation 4 Slim with 2.1 Kg. For its part, PlayStation 5 is a little lighter than PS3, although not too much. The predictions pointed to a greater weight, one that could present problems. Finally, neither so much nor so little. Of course: The extra pounds will be noticed the first time we lift the console.






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