Skull & Bones would have restarted its development due to a change of course

Skull & Bones disappeared from the face of the earth after being presented in 2017 and shown at E3 2018. Little or nothing we have known about the pirate video game since then: We have had no information on its development and it does not seem that it will arrive to neither this year nor the current generation of consoles. Now the middle VGC might have shed some light on the matter: The development of the project would have been restarted, including its business model. Ubisoft would be thinking of “game as a service” for Skull & Bones.

What about Skull & Bones?

It is no secret that the naval battles of Assassin’s Creed III were motivation enough to launch Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and that the latter in turn would motivate a completely new video game: Skull & Bones. A video game that was introduced in 2017 and shown with a cinematic trailer in 2018. In essence it would be an open-world pirate video game with great customization of ships, pve and pvp modes, exploration … However, little or nothing we have known about the video game and after his absence in the last Ubisoft Forward, many begin to speculate.

It has been through the medium VGC that we have heard the news that the video game had restarted its development and would be betting on the business system of game as a service.

According to development sources, Skull & Bones has struggled to find a position in Ubisoft’s open world offering, which includes the Assassin’s Creed, The Division, and Watch Dogs sagas. […] Last year the decision was made to restart the game entirely and move away from the premium game model from other open worlds.

Now Skull & Bones It would be being developed as a video game as a service, with a persistent online world with missions, characters and stories that evolve and change with time and updates. Something similar to what happens with The Division 2.

We know that another Ubisoft Forward will take place at the end of the year, we may know more details about the video game by then (or before). Until then, it is a great mystery.






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