Nintendo releases a new update that takes Nintendo Switch to its version 10.1.0

Nintendo has announced a new update for Nintendo Switch. This is a patch that brings the hybrid console to its version 10.1.0 and that introduces improvements to the stability and functionality of the console. Of course, this console comes as much for users who have the normal version as for those who have the Lite version. We tell you everything included in the update!

Nintendo Switch: Version 10.1.0

The new Nintendo update for Switch It does not include large changes, in fact there are not even visible changes in the console. In essence we are facing an update that takes the console to version 10.1.0, corrects errors and introduces improvements for the stability of the console. The official description on the company’s blog defines the update as a series of improvements in overall system stability.

The update is now available to download. In the event that the download does not jump automatically, we will have to check that our console is connected to the internet. If it still does not jump, then we will have to go to the eshop (or use any online function) and then we will be notified that the update is being downloaded.

Recall that version 10.0.0 brought us the ability to transfer data from the console’s memory to a microSD and the reassignment of the buttons on the Joy-Con and Switch Pro Controller knobs. These developments were palpable for all users. In this case, the current update is released ahead of the release of Paper Mario: The Origami King, an original Mario video game with a most curious aesthetic and will surely conquer the plumber’s fans.






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