Apple could launch a cheap iPhone for just $ 200: iPhone for the masses?

The concept of cheap iPhone that Apple has put into practice in recent years has certainly been very controversial. It is understandable, cheap calling a smartphone that is priced at between 400 and 500 euros It is contradictory if we approach it from a strict point of view, but it makes sense if we put it in relation to the usual price of the iPhone in its standard version.

It all depends on the prism with which you look at it, and that the idea of ​​the cheap iPhone is no exception. With the presentation of the iPhone SE 2020 Apple again demonstrated that you can create an interesting and good value smartphone in relation to price-performance, especially thanks to the excellent performance offered by the SoC A13 integrated in said smartphone, but its price (489 euros) sets it apart from the average consumer. It is not cheap, but of course 489 euros is a more affordable figure than the 809 euros that the iPhone 11 costs.

Not even Apple has been immune to the reality of the market. The halo of exclusivity and the image of «luxury» that its smartphones have have not been enough for the company to maintain its pricing policy. Consumers said enough, are no longer willing to pay any price to get an iPhone, a fact that ended up producing a sustained drop in sales of said product, and that those of Cupertino have tried to solve with that concept of cheap iPhone.

Apple could surprise us with a real cheap iPhone

We could ask ourselves why Apple has decided to keep such a high price even in those economic variants of the iPhone, and it would not be difficult for us to find an answer: for maintain the image of exclusivity of the brand and the profit margin, without more. We could give it a lot of thought and try to find other arguments, but the final conclusion we would reach would always be the same.

The fact is that, with the current crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, the weight of cheap smartphones is, today, greater than ever. Apple needs to maintain a large volume of iPhone users so that your ecosystem of software and services continues to generate a high level of income. If the iPhone sales fall, the central pillar that supports those of the apple cracks, and with the current scenario, a cheap iPhone really makes more sense than ever.

Right now we only have rumors But they sound loud and point in a clear direction: Apple is considering launching a cheap iPhone in about a year. This terminal will be the successor to the iPhone SE 2020 and will have an approximate price of 200 euros. If we convert that figure into euros, and apply taxes, we find an estimated price of 249 euros, a really good figure that, however, could become a double-edged sword.

If the build quality, design and specifications go together, it is clear that Apple would take that iPhone for 249 euros, but it would also affect that halo of exclusivity that has the company of the bitten apple.

We will be attentive to see how this information evolves, but at this point I think it is best to end with a question: Would you buy a new generation iPhone for 249 euros?







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