‘Professor Layton and the lost future’ comes to Android and iOS

A decade after its launch for Nintendo DS -at least in this part of the world- it reaches mobile phones Professor Layton and the lost future, the third title in the popular Level-5 puzzle saga that brought the genre to its quintessence.

Professor Layton and the lost future It is, in fact, the third and final chapter in the original trilogy that came out for the Nintendo DS, before the franchise made the jump to Nintendo 3DS. And although their following delivers improved the technical section, they would never get excited as they did The Mysterious Villa, Pandora’s box or the title at hand.

Level-5 complete with the launch of Professor Layton and the lost future the original trilogy in his mobile version for Android and iOS, even though over time other games from the same universe have fallen on both platforms, including one developed exclusively for them. But in the gauze of Professor Layton not only puzzles matter: the story is also indispensable.

That is why if you have never played any of these games, especially the previous ones, you cannot start with Professor Layton and the lost future. Do it with The Mysterious Villa, continue with Pandora’s box and then it will be the turn of The lost future, whose incentive is the same as the rest: the original story, improved in its technical section with a high-resolution remastering.

Professor Layton and the lost future will go on sale tomorrow, July 13 for Android and iOS And although it has not been revealed what its price will be, the previous deliveries cost 10.99 euros, so … Expensive, for your ‘mobile game’? Is that they are not mobile games, or not as suggested referring to them in such a way. What’s more, it has to be a delight to play them on a good tablet.







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