This is how impressive the Galaxy Note 21 could be

We are still waiting for Samsung to present the Galaxy Note 20, but thanks to an interesting leak we have had the opportunity to see a couple of conceptual renders of the Galaxy Note 21, a terminal that, if everything goes according to plan, should reach the market in August of next year.

In effect, this means that it is still a little over a year for Samsung to present the Galaxy Note 21. However, we must bear in mind that when the South Korean company completes the launch of a certain smartphone it is already working, “In the background” in its successor. This means that Samsung is already working on the Galaxy Note 21, and that some basic aspects, such as its design and specifications, should have already been defined.

Some of our readers may think that this is “going too fast”, but think that with the pace of the industry’s greats (annual renewals), and the time needed to complete a complete mass production cycle that allows supplying without market problem, it is totally necessary, since otherwise it would be impossible to maintain an annual renewal cycle.

Galaxy Note 21: front camera integrated into the screen

It is the most striking thing that these conceptual renderings show. If you look there is no sign of the front camera, which means that it should be integrated into the screen. Some rumors pointed to this possibility on the Galaxy Note 20, but I can tell you with complete certainty that will not be fulfilled.

With that I do not mean that Samsung does not contemplate the possibility of integrating the front camera under the screen, in fact I believe the opposite, I think that that’s the next transition to full screen format They want, but it is clear that they have not managed to overcome all the technical challenges that this implies in time, and that is why they have not been able to integrate the camera under the screen of the Galaxy Note 20.

The situation could change completely with the Galaxy Note 21. The South Korean giant will have more time to polish all pending detailsAnd with that extra margin, the Galaxy Note 21 could become Samsung’s first top-of-the-range smartphone equipped with a front camera under the screen.

If this is true, it will be necessary to see the image quality that Samsung is capable of maintaining, and the sale price that the Galaxy Note 21 has. I say this for a very simple reason, and that is that this advance will represent an increase in manufacturing costs, and this should have, as a counterpart, an increase in the sale price.

On the left we have a conceptual render of the Galaxy Note 21, which maintains the flat screen finish, and on the right is the “Plus” or “Ultra” model design, which looks much better thanks to the Edge finish, which extends the screen on the sides. Keep in mind, as we have said, that this leak has no official value, and that as interesting as it may be we should treat it as a simple rumor.







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