‘Far Cry 6’ is on the way and Giancarlo Esposito will play the bad guy

Last week we were talking about more than rumors about a new installment of the Far Cry franchise not because anything of the game itself had been discovered, but because there was a well-founded suspicion of who was going to star in the bad guy on duty. And once again, rumors or, rather, random comments and restless minds, worked like clockwork.

It was enough for someone in the specialized press -in video games- to read an interview from Giancarlo Esposito in which he commented that he had participated in the game that “it was going to be great”, but about which he could not say anything, so that it was directly linked to the return of the Ubisoft franchise. There was a means that even confirmed it, subsequently withdrawing the news.

And of the more than rumors we go to the leaks, and is that someone else could access a screenshot of the Hong Kong Play Store in which the file of Far Cry 6, including a promotional image in which Esposito appears. And has this leak been confirmed by Ubisoft? Well, no. But the information went through Twitter …

And Ubisoft wasted no time in ‘responding’ through all its official channels on the platform, warning that ‘Anton would not be happy’.

As indicated in that tweet, they will give more information when the Ubisoft Forward online event is held, scheduled for Sunday, July 12. I mean, for tomorrow. They will then unveil their plans and releases for the remainder of the year and beyond, and among them they are expected to present Far Cry 6. However, if the game tab does not lie, its release is scheduled for the next February 18, 2021. We will see if they confirm, or deny.

As for Esposito, about whom we elaborated more in the previous article because he is a top actor, it is clear that he is in the game and is more: according to the mentioned file, he will play Anton Castillo, dictator of the «tropical paradise of Yara ». It is also clear that he likes to smoke a good cigar.

By the way, with this last data, another of the rumors about Far Cry 6: the staging of ‘a more exotic destination‘that seen in its previous delivery; Although the predictions he raised and that would move the action to Alaska, it seems that they will stay far from the finally chosen site.







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