Ready Player Two the sequel to the hit novel will arrive later this year

Almost ten years ago, what is still considered one of the essential readings for any gamer, Ready Player One, reached the bookstores today, and today, we have just met the imminent arrival of its sequel, Ready Player Two. A fantasy novel created by Ernest Cline, in which a dystopian future was idealized around the digital world of video games.

As stated by The Hollywood Reporter, this new book will be rewritten by Ernest Cline, declaring for the medium the small remark that it will be a sequel to the first book, and not the movie, with new surprises and the same environmental line of the 80s, which has been so fashionable lately.

And it is that the original novel was a worldwide phenomenon, being the number one book in sales in the United States and forming Part of the New York Times Best Sellers list for over 100 weeks. A success that was further amplified when in 2018, with the premiere of the film adaptation of the novel, directed by Steven Spielberg, which managed to raise a global box office of up to $ 582.8 million, showing fifth place in the director’s box office movie.

Reviewing the Ready Player One story, we meet again with OASIS, a hyper-realistic virtual reality game to which everyone is connected and in which Wade Watts, main protagonist, will begin his adventure by entering a challenge organized by the late creator of the immense digital world. A challenge in which all OASIS users will actually participate, and which consists of different tests of skill, intelligence and knowledge of popular culture to proclaim the next heir to the game, along with a large fortune.

A story that, according to the author, will continue on Ready Player Two, where it will be told a new story with the original characters in the same universe, keeping a large number of references to the popular culture of the 80s and the world of video games.

Thus, this new novel could follow the new life of Wade Watts after this contest, although it could well focus on other characters as protagonists, and even a later timeline. We will have to wait to know more details, and much more to know if the famous film director will have an interest in filming a new adaptation for this second installment.

Available today for pre-purchase on some digital platforms such as Amazon, and with a world premiere, Cline has already confirmed that Ready Player Two will make its debut next November 24Yes, only available in its original version, written in English.

At the moment, no date has been confirmed for the publication of the novel in the other languages ​​(including ours), although it would be logical to expect that, with a first release so close to the end of the year, we will have to resign ourselves. until early 2021 to be able to read the official translation in Spanish.







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