Google shows its new Nest, a large smart speaker and rectangular format

From small cubes to cylinders, screens, and even discs. Over the years we have seen how wireless speakers went through all kinds of formats, designs and functionalities. However, it seems that The next Google Nest will present a new format, with a rectangular speaker that can be attached both vertically and horizontally.

And it is that Google itself has been, apparently pushed by a recent leak, He has decided in advance some official images about how his next device will be, not only showing this innovative design, but confirming the imminent arrival of the same.

Keeping a design still in line with the rest of your family, this smart speaker will be covered by a soft mesh fabric. Although unlike the Home Mini, now Google Nest Mini, it seems that this fabric will completely cover the entire surface of the speaker, except for a small flat rubber surface for the bottom, intended to maintain a more stable upright position.

However, as we said the new Google Nest also seems to be apt to lie down, appreciating the use of two types of fabric for the front of the speaker and its front, highlighting this second with a slightly darker color, presumably by some type of added fiber that improves its adhesion.

Beyond the mute button on the back, apparently the speaker will not have any physical control, so it seems logical to assume that Google will again bet on the use of some hidden area sensitive to touch for manual control, just like the Google Nest Mini; and of course, the prevailing use of voice.

However, beyond personal taste, it remains to be seen if this new design will be functional with respect to its loudness, since although the available space is clearly greater, we could notice some flaws regarding the output and 360º reach of the sound.







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