A patent points to the support of PS1, PS2 and PS3 games on PS5

We know more and more about PS5, even though there are still many things to know, before the new generation console from Sony goes on sale. This one that we tell you now does not seem to be one of them, but it is interesting enough to mention it, although it should be noted that it is something that could happen … or not. We talked about the possibility of playing the PlayStation classics “in the cloud”.

It is what they count on The Next Web, due to an alleged patent from Sony that would register a technology to run old games on the new PS5. In essence games would be stored in the cloud and could be played through a virtual machine with which to emulate operating systems of the classic consoles of the company. Nothing very extraordinary in principle in terms of technology, but it is new for what we are used to.

PS1, PS2 and PS3 would be the consoles that would put the catalog and PS5 would benefit from it, in addition to the users themselves, of course, despite the fact that it would not be a free ‘extra’ in any case. The patent information suggests that, Before purchasing any title, you would be offered the option to download a demo to try it out.. Because this would not be a Stadia type streaming game, but downloads of the usual ones.

Since PS5 will be compatible with most PS4 games, this would be an interesting move and never better said, badly that will return us to the scenario of paying again to play titles that have already been purchased. It is the story of never ending. The same thing that happens now with PS Now or very similar, so perhaps it is a deep update of the service for the new desktop of the house.

In this sense, Xbox has always been ahead of PlayStation, keeping compatibility back to its very origins. And in another sense, the news of Smart Delivery, which PS5 users could also enjoy in a much more limited way, is another point in favor of the Microsoft console. Even so, the favorite to lead the next generation is still the Japanese machine, thanks among other things to its exclusivities.






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