Yamaha Civante, transport, fun and sport at 50 kilometers per hour

Yamaha Civante is the new jewel that the Japanese firm has incorporated into its catalog of electric bicycles. An increasingly interesting product group as two-wheel lovers (travelers or athletes) gravitate towards more practical and versatile models that allow them to go faster and further.

The sale of electric bicycles has exploded in recent years and between March and April this year sales have increased by 87% according to data The NPD Group. A direct consequence of the COVID-19 that has disabled public transport, but the truth is that the trend was already unstoppable even without coronaviruses, as we have become aware of the need to save the planet (and ourselves) from engines of combustion with more sustainable and economic means.

The reality is that personal transportation is experiencing a revolution and electric bikes are ideal and for various uses. In addition to those of urban transport, those of amusement and also sports because they allow greater possibilities in the exits. As soon as our rulers put on the batteries and facilitate their use (as the Mayor of Paris is doing) we are going to see an explosion of their use.

Yamaha Civante

The Japanese firm It is well known for its motorcycles or its sound instruments / products, but it should be remembered that it designed the first electric bicycle in 1989 and was the manufacturer that put the first model on the market in 1993. Although there are other older battery specialists, the The company is one of the few that manufactures (and not only assembles) almost all the main components including the electric motor.

Its latest model, Yamaha Civante, aims to cover all types of use at a good level: «Daily commute, physical exercise or a weekend adventure». Based on its classification (distinct by world region) it is the first 28 mph (Class 3) model to reach the US market. This class means that the electric motor only helps while the driver is pedaling (without acceleration). Yes, you have to give pedals, but with maximum (legal) speeds in the environments of the 50 km / h makes it ideal for cyclists and urban travelers.

In case you are lost with these types of classifications, mention that Class 1 electric bikes are a slower version of the Yamaha Civante, with a limit of 20 mph with assisted pedaling, while Class 2 models have an accelerator so you can Ride without pedaling and just push a button on the handle to go faster, similar to the way we drive an electric scooter.

The electric motor is a Yamaha PWSeries SE with large capacity, 500 watts. The battery can be charged mounted or detached from the bike and is delivered with a quick charger that allows 80% recharges in just one hour. It offers a torque of 70nm and supports speeds of up to 110rpm. To achieve assistance that the firm promises “ultra-smooth”, the system uses triple torque, speed and cadence sensors.

Yamaha Civante

Dispose of four different modes of assistance (ECO, ECO +, Standard and High) that can be selected on a screen that also offers speed, odometer, travel distance, battery capacity, clock, stopwatch, diagnostics and other functions. The bike includes a built-in headlight and is also pre-wired to fit a rear rack with a built-in tail light.

Yamaha Civante, transport, fun and sport at 50 kilometers per hour 32

Yamaha will offer three different sizes in one aluminum box that we see very clean, and that leaves the total weight in a content of 19 kilograms. The firm has added mounting points to add other components such as fenders or kickstand. Other technical features speak of electric bike-rated tires with reflective sidewalls and puncture resistance, mid-depth aerodynamic wheels with 12mm thru-axles, a dual-chainring 10-speed STI Shimano transmission and hydraulic disc brakes.

Yamaha Civante, transport, fun and sport at 50 kilometers per hour 34

We like this Yamaha Civante. It is a type of electric bicycle that is completing a very interesting sport / transport mixed category for those of us who intend to continue enjoying sports pedaling, but with assistance to go further or faster and keep up with the youngsters who press on the big routes. Also great in urban transport, although there are other more specialized (example class 2) if you do not want great sports activity.

Yamaha Civante will be sold in the United States This summer, priced at $ 3,499, which includes the full battery and charger package and a three-year warranty extension. We do not know if it will be marketed in Europe.






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