User profiles come to Amazon Prime Video

Just a week ago we echoed the launch of the Amazon Prime Video application for Windows 10 and although as we pointed out then, this is a welcome novelty, it is not something that most users of the platform needed as May water … as if it happens with the profiles, to which we also made mention because they were already taking. And look where, here they come.

If you have or have had Netflix, you know the profiles to spare: they are used by different users to use the same account without ‘saving’ each other. In Amazon Prime Video they work the same: each profile has its own space where to add movies and series to watch later, your own list of current content and viewing history, your own personalized recommendations … Long live order!

Profiles bring order to Amazon Prime Video, yes, but with limits: each account can create up to six different to share with the family And, of course, there is the possibility of creating exclusive children’s profiles in which all content is initially suitable for children up to 12 years old. In fact, you will see how next to your profile a children’s one appears by default, as if inviting to try it.

You will find the profile management in the application’s user menu, from where you can add new ones, delete them, edit them, etc .; or mark them as childish. The only downside is that, at least for now, you cannot assign a custom avatar, but they are taking different colors with the exception of the children’s ones, which include different drawings.

The profiles reach Amazon Prime Video in practically all the applications of the service, from the website to Android, iOS, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Chromecast and Apple TV and also to the new application for Windows 10. They also do it in a time when the platform does not stop growing at the user and catalog level. They are welcome.






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