The Last of Us Part II shows a clip from a motion capture session with dogs

The Last of Us Part II stands out in all sections, however one of the ones we like the most is the interpretations. It is a shame that after the incredible work done by the actors (voice and motion capture), numerous fans have charged the actors and actresses for the actions of their characters. The most famous case was that of Laura Bailey, voice actress for Abby, who has received name-calling and death threats. And speaking of magnificent motion capture work, we have been able to see a fragment belonging to the work of the dogs that participated in these sessions.

The dogs of The Last of Us Part II

Dogs have been of great importance in The Last of Us Part II. Although they have not been relevant to the narrative itself, they have had a role decisive in gameplay and decision making. Dogs are part of the enemy factions and therefore they are one more obstacle on our way. We decide whether to delete them or not. The last option is usually expensive and can lead us to lose more than one attempt. However, not everything is violence, during the adventure they will also accompany us and we will have the opportunity to see the incredible animations that have been granted, as well as the sound and behavior of each one.

The motion capture session we have shared belongs to Official Twitter of Jeremy Yates. The 8-second clip shows us a brief moment of a motion capture session with dogs. He border collie He is shown taking a run, jumping between platforms and running. The video shows it in slow motion. All this in his motion capture suit.

This motion capture job is responsible for the dogs’ behavior and animations seem so real, as natural as we pointed out in our analysis. As we have pointed out, dogs are a relevant piece in the gameplay of The Last of Us Part II, since we see two very different facets: Hostile towards us (so much that they can kill us) and adorable and loving. This duality makes work more difficult when facing them or allowing an enemy to harm them. John Wick’s message went down well.

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