Ready Player One sequel, Ready Player Two, already has release date

Ready Player One will return with a sequel called (surprise) Ready Player Two and it will soon. We will see Parzival and Artemis again in a new adventure for Oasis, the video game created by James Halliday and that was the setting for the protagonists in both the written work and the movie. We tell you everything we know about it below!

Ready Player Two

Ready Player Two is the sequel to the original work of Ernest cline, Ready Player One. Recall that this work was taken to the cinema on March 28, 2018 (in Spain). We now know that the sequel will arrive on November 24 (in North America) under the seal Ballantine Books, from the publisher Penguin Random House. We do not have information on when this edition will be available in Spanish. It is possible that as soon as the reservations are opened we will obtain more information about it.

We don’t know anything about the argument, although we do know that Ernest Cline admitted in 2017 having received much inspiration or influence from Spielberg’s work with Ready Player One. That is: The author will take inspiration from the film to continue the sequel to Ready Player One. Let’s remember that the first book (and the film) are set in 2045, in a world where there is overpopulation, contamination and a huge gap between social classes. Therefore, Oasis is an ideal place to live an alternative life.

We will have to wait to know more details. As we have said above, the launch of the reservations will be the moment in which we know the synopsis of the work. And who knows … In a few years we could see her in the cinema. For those interested: The first movie, Ready Player One, is currently Available on platforms like Netflix.






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