Ubisoft presents a teaser announcing the arrival of AI allied to Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ubisoft has once again announced the arrival of one of the most requested mechanics by the players of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It is Allied AI, present in Ghost Recon Wildlands and absent in this title due to context and history. A teaser anticipates the arrival of these allies, who will also arrive accompanied by a great update (TU2010) that will bring changes and improvements to the video game. We tell you everything we know below!

Breakpoint: Allied AI and much more

Allied AI has been a factor requested by Ghost Recon Breakpoint fans since before the game’s release. However, Ubisoft was clear about it: Breakpoint was intended to be a lonely experience, at least at the beginning. Certainly once we finish the main campaign, continuing alone does not make sense. This is why Ubisoft has decided to introduce now, as we previously announced, allied AI. Also, a great update accompanies these new colleagues.

This allied AI is made up of the companions that we have already been able to see during the trailers and missions. Fury, Vasily and Fixt They join Nomad (us) to continue to face all the threats that arise in Auroa. Let us remember that until now we have faced Walker, the renegade Ghost; We helped Sam Fisher through a murky investigation and even faced fate by defeating a good number of Terminators T-800. All this alone, but that is over.

This allied AI will arrive on July 15. Each partner will have their own abilities and we can customize them as we prefer. In this sense, what we have already seen in Wildlands remains. Of course, the AI ​​will help us and follow our orders, which we will send through a menu wheel. Of course, this allied AI is an option that we can activate or deactivate from the “lobby” menu.

On the other hand, the TU2010 update will come with a significant amount of improvements and changeWe still can’t announce in detail. This is a limited time special event, performance improvements, new weapons and tools, new narrative missions, new aesthetic elements (clothing and accessories), fixes and improvements in gameplay (inventory and gunplay, for example), new weapon accessories … Everything discussed and much more will come in the mentioned update. We will have to wait for the Ubisoft Forward to know ALL the details.

The Ubisoft Forward will take place on July 12 at 9:00 p.m. Spanish time.






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