Team Rocket Balloons land on Pokémon GO

Team Rocket strikes again in Pokémon GO. After an investigation of Professor Willow, finally we can confirm that the evil organization is using balloons to perpetrate his hidden plans. These balloons are already appearing in Pokémon GO and we can see them throughout the mapping, regardless of whether there is a PokéStop or not. We tell you all about these balloons that have mysteriously appeared in Pokémon GO!

Pokemon GO balloons

The Team Rocket Balloons have finally arrived at Pokémon GO and are yet another layer of gameplay for the Niantic video game. This is the same mechanic that Team Rocket uses in PokéStops, but now without being subject to them. The evil organization can appear anywhere and just come closer and tap the balloon to start combat. In addition, they will not only be minions, but Team Rocket leaders will also be able to appear in these balloons. So much so, that we can find Giovanni in a balloon if we use the Rocket super radar.

This event will have a great weight in the second temporary investigation that will reach Pokémon GO during GO Fest 2020 and it will be focused (as we have pointed out) on the bouts against Team Rocket.

We remind you that the Pokémon GO Community Day It will take place on July 19, 2020, between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Spanish time. In addition, we have produced a publication with all the schedules of the events planned for July 2020.






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