Dark mode will also come to Google Docs on Android

Dark mode continues to be an upward visual trend in all kinds of applications, and is that if the main operating systems for both mobile and PC already have this feature, it is the applications that have to continue adapting so as not to be seen outside site. At least, apps left to ‘wear black’, which are less and less, worth the redundancy.

Thus, the next applications that will offer dark mode on Android are Google’s office suite, which are not one but three, despite the fact that we encompass them around Google Docs. Because there are Docs (word processor), Sheets (spreadsheets) and Slides (presentations). All three will release the repeated dark mode in the coming weeks, as the update that integrates the change spreads among all users.

They tell it in the google blog and few more details give, although the truth is that they are not necessary either: everyone understands what dark mode is or, as they also call it, “compatibility with dark themes”; and the news is reduced to that, to anticipate its arrival to the three mentioned applications. Of course, adding this option does not mean you have to use it, just that it is there in case you want it.

Dark mode in Google Docs

Why there is so much interest in the dark mode is not clear, it is worth the pun, and is that the discussion about whether it favors visibility and is beneficial to the eye continues, without materializing. The only thing proven is that the dark mode helps to extend battery life and not too much, because another factor on which this depends is the amount of brightness that is set.

In any case, the dark mode came about a year ago with the launch of Android Q and there are many applications from Google itself and from third parties that have joined the car, so it never hurts that the possibility exists and that each you use whatever you want.







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