Astro City Arcade Mini brings the experience of classic arcade machines to the palm of your hand

With huge impact among gamers, and not-so-large amounts of units, miniature retro gaming consoles have so far been a bumpy craze, largely losing users’ interest. However, on the occasion of its 60th anniversary, it seems that Sega still intends to surprise us with a new console, neither more nor less than the Astro City Arcade Mini, a portable adaptation of one of their most iconic arcade machines of the 90s.

The Astro City Arcade Mini will come with 36 titles pre-installed, among which some games such as Alien Syndrome, Alien Storm, Golden Ax, Columns II, Puzzle & Action: Tant-R, Virtua Fighter, Fantasy Zone and Altered Beast have already been confirmed. But without a doubt the great novelty comes with Dark Edge and Golden Ax: The Revenge of Death Adder, two titles that to date have never seen their release for a home console. Something that makes us think that Sega could hold even more surprises among the remaining 26 titles, something that could ensure the interest and success of this mini console.

With dimensions of just 130 x 170 x 170 millimeters, this console is designed from the first moment to be able to play it anywhere, which is why the controls will be fully functional and not just aesthetic. In addition, we can find a small 3.5 mm headphone jack to continue enjoying the full experience without disturbing or being disturbed.

Although we can also find a somewhat larger connectivity section, with the presence of a microUSB input and two USB-A ports to connect external controllers, and an HDMI output that will allow us to connect the device to any television to play it as if it were a classic console. In fact, the company has also announced the parallel arrival of the Astro City Mini Control Pad, a small controller adapted to the buttons and needs of these arcade games that will extend the gameplay of the console to 2 players.

The Astro City Arcade Mini will be Sega’s third mini console, with the already released Mega Drive Mini, and the next launch of the Game Gear Micro, scheduled for next October.

The Astro City Arcade Mini will arrive exclusively in Japan during the month of December, with an already confirmed price of 12,800 yen (approximately 105 euros to change), and the additional 2,780 yen of his command (approximately 23 euros). Unfortunately, at the moment no information has been released on whether the console will expand its availability to other international markets in the future.






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