The price of PS5 games is out of control up to 74.99 euros

We have been talking for several days about a possible rise in the price of PS5 games and Xbox Series X, two new generation consoles that, as many of our readers will know, will arrive later this year. Shawn Layden, one of Sony’s top ex-executives, recently addressed this issue, saying one of the best options would be to reduce the length of games to avoid a price rise, a measure that, in the end, it seems that not all studies will follow.

From 2K Games confirmed that the version of NBA 2K21 for new generation consoles will be $ 10 more expensive than the version for PS4 and Xbox One X ($ 69.99 vs. $ 59.99), and publishing the pre-purchase price Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West, among others, has set off all the alarms, as both have been listed by 74.99 euros, almost $ 85.

There is no doubt, the price of PS5 games is much more expensive than that of PS4 games, we just have to compare the average cost of triple A titles at the time of its launch for the consoles of the current generation and we will realize that the difference is, in this case, 15 euros. I know what you are thinking, that those 74.99 euros might not represent the final price of all the games that will arrive on the Sony console, and yes, it is true, in the end each developer, or publisher, has a certain margin of maneuver But the truth is that it is not crazy at all.

As we have indicated, 2K Games itself confirmed that NBA 2K21 will cost $ 69.99 on new generation consoles, a price that could easily translate into 69.99 euros in the Spanish market, and that leads us to think that a price of 74.99 euros for highly anticipated triple A titles is something perfectly credible.

The price of PS5 games could be a problem

And quite important, I explain myself with an example. Imagine that you want to make the jump to PS5, Sony has promised backward compatibility with PS4 games that, for now, it would be limited to the 100 most important titles of said console. In theory you could enjoy them on PS5 without having to pay again for them, but it may not be that all developers and / or publishers are so generous, and that some end up introducing a “micropayment” to unlock the graphics and performance improvements of the PS5 version.

Microsoft has already made it clear that all the games in its studios can be optimally enjoyed on Xbox One and Xbox Series without having to go through the box again, but this does not mean that the rest of the studios and publishers will follow in their footsteps.

To this question we must add the sale price of PS5, which in theory will be around between 400 and 500 euros depending on the version we choose, and the price of the PS5 games. Buying this console in its standard version, with optical drive, and getting a couple of games could mean, at best, an outlay of almost 640 euros, provided that the price of PS5 games is 69.99 euros . If it were 74.99 euros, we would have a total of almost 650 euros.

I am convinced that now you can see clearly “like water” where the problem is. Maybe someone will tell me that you don’t need to buy two games with your PS5, and yes, it is true, but some you will have to buy, after all you will not spend hours delighting yourself with the user interface console.

As I have said on other occasions, the PC has a considerable disadvantage in terms of the cost of updating the hardware, something that is strongly influenced by the tendency to “de-optimization” on this platform, but buying games is much cheaper, and translates, in the long run, in considerable savings that, with the arrival of the new generation and the rising price of PS5 and Xbox Series games, it could make an even bigger difference.






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