Star Wars Squadrons talks about advanced settings and hardcore mode

Star Wars Squadrons is the new Star Wars video game that will arrive from Electronic Arts in the fall of 2020. It is a proposal focused on the spacecraft combat, which we now know will offer a huge number of playable and aesthetic customization options for ships, and will satisfy the most extreme players.

A customizable experience

It was in an interview for IGN where Ian S. Frazier, Creative Director of Star Wars Squadrons, has talked about customization options in several sections. The first point was the aesthetic customization of the ships, which we talked about in PureGaming previously. We can decorate the booths with objects, toys and holograms.

Continuing in the cabin of the ship, we will have a HUD interface that will inform us of what is happening in the game, although we can also deactivate it and depend solely on the warnings and controls of the ship itself. The silhouette of allies and enemies can also be disabled. This last mode is known as “Hardcore” or simulation.

In addition, whether or not we use HUD, we will have to manage the energy of the ship: Shield, weapon and engine power. Not everything can be 100% and we will have to prioritize according to our needs. These mechanics can be simplified to make them accessible to any player or made more extreme so that energy management is a real problem if they are achieved, for example. Each power unit is managed independently, although it depends on the rest of the ship’s systems.

Star Wars Squadrons offers a gaming experience that ranges from casual and arcade combat to a true Star Wars combat simulation. It will arrive on October 2, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC; and it will be VR compatible.






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