Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to the Steam and Epic Games Store on August 7

A few months ago Sony confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn, one of its latest PS4 hits, would abandon the exclusivity of its console to land on PC. However it has not been until now that it has finally been released your exact date, which confirms an imminent launch within the summer stage, at the beginning of the month of August.

Far from the rumors, this confirmation reaches us directly from the hands of Guerrilla Games itself, main developer of this game, which published during this weekend the availability of the pre-purchase of your game through the Epic Games Store and Steam, where we were previously able to know their minimum and recommended requirements.

Another great addition to the PC version is that it will not be the original game, but Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition version, including the Frozen Wilds DLC, all the content updates the game has received to date, and a host of visual updates for a game that’s already great, including unlocked frame rates and support for ultra-wide screens .

In addition, the game is also expected to feature improvements to environmental graphics, such as reflections and dynamic foliage, along with access to a benchmarking tool, and since it will now be a PC title, some longed for complete settings and options for the graphics range. Guerrilla released a trailer showing some of the impressive updates.

As we already saw in our analysis of Horizon Zero Dawn, it is undoubtedly one of the best exclusives that have come to PS4 and PS4 Pro, with an example of how optimization can do real miracles. And it is that beyond its impressive history and gameplay, graphically, the game has an outstanding finish under more than acceptable performance even on the original Sony console.

Reason why many have already begun to see the arrival of this title on PC as an “advertising campaign” about what would be expected from its already confirmed next sequel. Although at the moment we do not have more information about Horizon Zero Dawn 2 beyond its presentation, seeing the date on which its development has been confirmed everything seems to indicate that it could be a generational transition game, or what is the same , a title that will be available on PS4, PS4 Pro and also to PS5.

In fact, it is in the latter where, thanks to the abandonment of the hardware limitations of the current generation, we could find one of the great pieces that really makes the new console shine.






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