Chrome 85 for Android will release 64 bits and improve performance

Google will officially release the 64-bit version in Chrome 85 for Android and the first data They are promising in terms of performance improvement and other aspects such as security.

More than a year ago, Google announced the roadmap to carry out the transition from 32 to 64 bits on your Android mobile platform. Starting next year, the official Play Store will only support the latter (with some exceptions) and the company is working to launch its own applications.

Recall that Google supports 64-bit CPUs from Android 5.0 and already in 2017 announced that applications that use native code should also have a 64-bit version. However, despite the fact that practically all the mobile devices that come onto the market have 64-bit processors, the mobile version of the browser It is only available in a 32-bit version, which can lead to some unnecessary performance degradations and security issues.

This will change soon from Chrome 85 for Android. The new version will be automatically installed in version 10 and higher of the operating system. Dev and Canary versions of Chrome 85 and 86 are already 64-bit and Google has confirmed this on the tracker Chromium Bugs tracker.

The performance results in Octane 2.0 show that the 64-bit version performs better than the 32-bit version. It’s not that much, and it’s not easy to translate the results into real-world use, but they are promising.

As it happened on the desktop, the transition is required considering the current technological level and that the rival platform, iOS already stopped supporting 32-bit apps in 2017. Google will stop serving applications without 64-bit versions on devices that have this capacity as of August 1, 2021, which means that they will no longer be available in the Play Store for those devices with some exceptions such as APKs or application packages. explicitly aimed at Wear OS or Android TV.

The 64-bit version of Chrome 85 for Android must be available on the stable channel next August, which gives Google a period of one year to bring this version to all devices (Android 10 or higher). Google is already testing the beta version on some Samsung and OnePlus devices, but if you want to get it already pYou can install the latest version Chrome Dev and access this new version of the web browser (finally 64-bit) on your mobile device.






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