AVM releases FRIT! Z OS 7.20, a major update with more than 100 improvements

The German company AVM has confirmed the release of FRITZ! OS 7.20, an important update of the Linux-based operating system that powers the entire ecosystem of FRITZ! products, and has also left us with other good news, which is that, from now on, differences at the firmware level disappear between the German and Spanish (and international) versions of their products, which means that updates will arrive at the same time to the entire AVM product line.

Having state-of-the-art hardware is important, there is no doubt about that, but having software capable of taking advantage of it is essential to get a good experience. AVM has been aware of this reality for years, and that is why it has maintained a solid commitment to the software updates they represent. an important added value to all your products. FRITZ! OS 7.20 is undoubtedly an example of how you can make a difference through support and updates.

To download FRITZ! OS 7.20 we only have to enter the interface of our FRITZ! Box router and download the update. If we have automatic updates configured we don’t have to do anything else, since the system will be in charge of downloading and installing the update. If it still does not appear as available quiet, it should reach you in a matter of hours. The initial deployment will be directed to the FRITZ! Box 7590 and FRITZ! Repeater 2400, and will be extended later to other devices.

A look at what’s new in AVM FRITZ! OS 7.20

According to the German company AVM this update comes with more than 100 major improvements, and as usual it is totally free.

Among the most important novelties we can highlight a huge performance boost in general terms, which has been possible thanks to the introduction of numerous improvements that we will detail below:

  • Performance Mesh Steering: Improve wireless connections with mobile devices.
  • Enhanced Auto Channel Selection – Select the best wireless channel for the entire Wi-Fi Mesh network.
  • Support of 160 MHz wide radio channels in some FRITZ routers, such as the RITZ! Box 7590 or the FRITZ! Box 6591 Cable, which improves the speed in 5 GHz networks.
  • VDSL Long Reach technology: improves performance even if the router is far from the distribution box.
  • The transmission speed in VPN connections has almost multiplied by three.

AVM also cares about the safety of its usersThis is why the FRIT! Z OS 7.20 update has added an important layer of additional protection through the following changes:

  • Support for the new WPA 3 encryption standard.
  • Supports new telephony standards and encrypted resolution of domain names (“DNS over TLS”).
  • Guest networks transmit data with a security encryption called “opportunistic wireless encryption” (OWE).
  • We can activate and deactivate Internet access for selected devices with a simple click.
  • When talking on the phone, voice is transmitted in encryption that complies with TLS and SRTP standards.

And that’s not all. Then we leave you other interesting news worth considering:

  • Nine new ringtones for FRITZ! Fon, answering machine, fax and call blocking functions.
  • All FRITZ! Fon models have an option to adapt the sound settings to listen to multimedia files or phone calls.
  • The virtual phone book is expanded to manage all the contacts in a unified way.
  • The home automation pages of the FRITZ! Box user interface have been redesigned so that we can better control and manage a greater number of home automation devices.
  • Improved performance with FRITZ! NAS and Windows network drive function to access USB storage devices.
  • SMBv2 and v3 protocol support.






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