The producer of Spider-Man: A new universe 2 ensures that the animation will be more spectacular

Sony Pictures released at Christmas 2018 one of the best considered superhero and Spider-Man universe movies so far, Spider-Man: A New Universe. Spider-Man: A New Universe 2 It was announced and fans expect a quality equal to or greater than the prequel produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Now its producer assures that the animation of the new movie will surprise all those fans who are waiting anything else of this sequel.

Spider-Man: A new universe 2, more spectacular

Spider-Man: A New Universe 2 began production last June and was slated to launch in October 2022. They are two years of work, time that makes us see that the magnitude of the project is in line with what is expected. The animation process of a project like this is usually expensive and is also multiplied by the current situation with COVID-19. Despite all this, Chris Miller, producer of the film, has assured through his Twitter account that he is excited about the new processes and animation techniques that are being used for Spider-Man: A new universe 2.

The producer says that the animation style of the sequel will go crazy in a positive sense. Certainly the sequels do not usually surpass their predecessors, but we could be facing a case that if it does … At least match what has already been presented. And choose again to get an Oscar, as Spider-Man: A new universe already did.






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