Reckful streamer dies at 31, known for World of Warcraft and Hearthstone

Byron Bernstein, known on social media and Twitch as Reckful, has passed away at 31 years of age. It was his brother who confirmed the news with a message on Twitter. Despite the fact that his brother has not given details about the death, others such as his companions and his former girlfriend have commented on this tragedy: He would have killed himself due to his situation and harassment that he received repeatedly in his live shows.

He left similarly to my older brother Guy. I no longer have siblings.

Reckful was a streamer known for playing video games like World of warcraft and Hearthstone, and also for speaking openly during the live shows about their mental problems and depression, something that ended up becoming a problem due to the numerous stalkers he had. During these conversations, Reckful talked about her situation and used to apologize to those who had to live with her madness and together with a person insane who has no control over his actions. There are numerous live shows where we can see him talk about it. At the same time, we can see how the chat was flooded on many occasions with comments inciting suicide.

The news about his death came to us yesterday. His loss has left a big hole in the community of Twitch, Hearthstone and World of warcraft. So much so, that even the official accounts of the platform and both video games have felt their loss.

Additionally, the World of Warcraft community came together to honor the deceased streamer. All the players belonging to both factions of the video game, Alliance and Horde, have gathered in different locations relevant to show your respects.

Recall that (more or less) a year ago, the youtuber Etika killed himself after leaving a suicide note. Reckful’s death in these circumstances is not the first, although we hope it will be the last (hopefully).







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