Mozilla removes ballast: goodbye to Firefox Preview for Android

Firefox does not do well on the PC, but it does not do well on the mobile. That is why more than a year ago Mozilla was working on a new version of the browser for Andorid, first called Firefox Fenix ​​and later renamed as Firefox Preview. Until now, it has been the company’s technological spearhead in Google’s operating system, but that ends with its disappearance.

But don’t worry, because the ‘loss’ of Firefox Preview is nothing more than a restructuring of the versions of the browser that are available for Android. There are too many: Firefox (the stable version that most people use), Firefox Beta, Firefox Nightly, Firefox Preview, and Firefox Preview Nightly, and that’s without Firefox Focus, a privacy-focused edition that still stays on. developing.

The list is reduced with the disappearance of Firefox Preview, whose contribution to the Mozilla offer was null for a few months. the reason we already told you: Firefox Preview ‘graduated’ and, in fact, is the current stable Firefox that almost everyone uses. Eergo, with several versions in development, there was no point in continuing to maintain Firefox Preview.

There is also no point in continuing to maintain Firefox Preview Nightly, as we are, so it could be a matter of time before it also disappears from view, although about this no change has been disclosed and is still present in Google Play for whoever wants install it. In case you are wondering, no, we do not recommend it.

If you want to use Firefox on Android, the safest bet is the Stable Firefox: it has all the features that Firefox Preview introduced, including support to install extensions, and at a performance level you will not notice great improvements for using one or the other, so better go for the one that is recommended for all users.







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